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Medieval city of Rhodes

Medieval city of Rhodes

The Old Town of Rhodes is a UNESCO World Heritage site that takes you back in time. Discover its unique Medieval charm in just a 12 minute drive from our holiday resort close to Rhodes town.

The stronghold heart of the Dodecanese islands is a result of occupation by the Knights of St John of Jerusalem who shaped the city between 1309 to 1523. Today the Old Town still retains all its mystery and majesty. Don’t miss out on enchanting strolls through the Medieval city, surrounded by 4 km of walls, where the charm of the old and the vibrancy of the new sit comfortably side by side.

Points of interest:

  • The Palace of the Grand Masters:

One of the few examples of Gothic architecture in Greece, this magnificent Palace was built during the 14th century. Today, this eye-catching structure hosts permanent exhibitions of the ancient and medieval city of Rhodes, where visitors can also admire the restored halls, and the remarkable floor mosaics of the late Hellenistic period that were moved there from Kos during the Italian restoration of 1937.

  • The Street of the Knights:

A cobblestone street running from the Palace of the Grand Master down to the Hospital of the Knights of Saint John at the sea. This gem is lined with 7 inns or lodges which originally housed the knights, one for each of the 7 countries they came from.

  • The Archeological Museum:

Like the city itself, the museum contains a mix of ancient, and medieval artefacts that are sure to paint a more vivid picture of the city’s illustrious and tumultuous history.

  • The Medieval Clock Tower:

Well worth a visit for the bird’s eye view of the city. There is a small entrance fee to visit this 1850’s clock tower, but the vantage point XXX

  • Castellania:

Another great example of 14th century medieval architecture, the Municipal Library, Castellania of Rhodes, is a sight to behold. Take shelter from the heat in its dome-shaped vaults which today is used as a reading hall, housing a wide range of books and scriptures.

  • Socrates Street:

Possibly one of the most iconic scenes Rhodes city has to offer, Socrates Street was once the old bazaar, and is now the place to head for picturesque shopping therapy. From souvenirs, to local produce, and island fashion, lose yourself among the bustling melée of shops to discover the array of products on offer.