Safe Hotels Protocol



With a developed sense of responsibility and professionalism, especially during this period, we consider that the health and safety of our guests and staff is the first priority of our hotel. Paradise Village has implemented, in accordance with the guidelines of the European Union and the Greek government for the management of COVID-19, the appropriate procedures to safeguard the health and safety of our guests and staff. For this reason, it has designed an action plan to take measures in every part of our facilities to prevent and manage possible cases of COVID-19, in order to limit the spread of the virus to staff and visitors.


Paradise Village shall communicate the measures and requirements of the action plan to all internal and external bodies/partners (employees, tenants, contractors, suppliers, visitors and the general public) and interested parties. Constant information is provided with all the available means, inside and outside of the accommodation (i.e. in common areas televisions, in rooms televisions, signage before entering the individual public areas and printed information at the reception).


  • Antiseptic for the visitors, at the hotel entrance.
  • Floored signage of distances in the waiting area per 2 m.
  • Protecting Plexiglas at the reception and in every office located in the lobby.
  • Frequent disinfection of reception desks.
  • The employees keep the appropriate distance ( at least 1,5 meters from the customers).
  • Upon request, the employees have the ability to inform the visitors about the hotel rules and the new measures that have been taken.
  • For each case of emergency there is a medical kit which includes gloves and masks, antiseptics, cleaning wipes, apron, long-sleeved robe and laser thermometer.
  • The staff has been trained in order to identify the symptoms and to report them to the health manager.
  • The key-cards are disinfected.
  • Extension of check-out and check-in duration between the accommodations (check out until 11.00 am and check in from 3.00 pm).

Cleaning & Disinfection of Rooms & Common Areas

  • The hotel implies the cleansing and disinfection directions according to the instructions of the National Public Health Organization.
  • The common areas, the main entrance, the reception, door handles, benches, tables, handrails, elevator buttons and other high-frequency “touch points” are often disinfected every day.
  • Hand antiseptics have been placed in all common areas.
  • The rooms are thoroughly cleaned with special care at the points of touch and disinfected with the use of appropriate disinfectant products.
  • Only upon visitors’ request, there is a daily cleaning and changing of sheets, pillows, and towels.
  • All items, such as extra pillows, bed covers, and multiple-purpose common items like menus, magazines etc., have been removed.
  • The remote controls of televisions and air-conditions have disposable covers.
  • The textile surfaces (i.e. furniture upholstery) are cleaned with (steam appliance / temperature> 70 °).
  • Customer information with special markings on when and how the room was cleaned.


  • The hotel is certified with HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points), an internationally recognized method of identifying and managing risk related to food safety. Strict good hygiene, cleaning and disinfection practices in the food sector (production and services) with strict implementation of HACCP regulations.
  • The staff is equipped with Means of Personal Protection during the operation of bars and restaurants.
  • The opening hours of breakfast and dinning are extended. If necessary, a double seating will be applied. Reservation is required in all restaurants.
  • According to government regulations, one customer per two square meters is allowed in our restaurant and cafes. The maximum number of customers per table is six people. There is no limit in a case of a family with minors.

Beach & Pools

  • Distances between sunbeds and umbrellas 1.5-2.0m.
  • Enhanced cleaning and disinfection is applied to all sunbeds after use.
  • Systematic chlorination in outdoor pools with the use of disinfectant products indicated by specialized partners.
  • Hand disinfection points both for visitors and staff.
  • Visitors should keep the appropriate distances among them.
  • The indoor pool will not be open this season.
  • Jacuzzi, sauna steam room will not be open this season.

Common Areas

  • Prohibition of operation of indoor recreation areas for children.
  • Placement of antiseptic solutions for dry hand antisepsis in all public areas in stationary or non-stationary devices.
  • Club cars: Personal Protective Equipment for the driver and cleaning of the club cars after every use. The vehicles are occupied by the occupants of the same room.
  • Elevators: recommendation to customers to avoid using elevators. Installation of disinfectants at the entrances and recommendation for use at entry and exit.
  • Tennis and basketball courts are available for visitors.

Staff of Paradise Village

  • They have been informed about how the virus of Covid-19 is transmitted and they can provide information to the visitors.
  • There is a doctor with whom the hotel cooperates.
  • They are equipped with personal protective equipment (masks, gloves).
  • They undergo thermal testing every morning.
  • They undergo a Covid-19 test before returning to the hotel from their time off from work.

“No Allowed Pets” Policy

  • Pets are not allowed in the hotel.

Non-Smoking Policy

  • Smoking is not allowed in all areas of the hotel.


Paradise Village Hotel has been certified by the Hotel Chamber of Greece with the “Health First” certification which is mandatory for the tourist accommodation businesses that will operate during the year 2020.

Paradise Village Safe Stay Protocol 2021 Paradise Village Health First Certificate 2020